Panda Anatomy-Science

Giant Pandas have unique and special markings on their bodies.
Giant Pandas are white all over with black patches of fur around certain body parts. The black patches can be found around their eyes, ears, feet, legs, chest and shoulders.

external image panda_anatomy.jpg

Giant Pandas have unique paws. Their paws are large and have short claws on their five fingers. Their paws also have an extra bone that acts like a thumb. It helps them to climb onto tree bark and grasp bamboo shoots and leaves better. They also like to climb into trees to take naps.

Giant Pandas are called “giant cat bears” by the Chinese. They are called this because their pupils are vertical (up and down) and not round. Their pupils look like a cats’ eyes. They see really well.

Panda Skeleton:

Pandas have 345 bones in their body.